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Our Online Home Loan Application is Easy and Stress-Free

Deciding to buy a new home is exhilarating! That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its challenges of course. One of the most intimidating hurdles that buyers have to go through is the home loan application process. While most buyers find some comfort completing applications in-person with their bank or broker, online home loan applications

Millennials Can Buy A Home

Millennials Have Not Left The American Dream Behind

Millennial Home Buying – Bucking the Trends Stereotypes have targeted all generations in recent American history, and the Millennial generation is no exception. Millennials, defined as people born after 1980, are frequently thought of as a coddled, soft generation of lazy people who lack a strong work ethic. There have even been accusations that Millennials

Tips for Best Refinance Rates

Tips to Qualifying for the Best Mortgage Refinance Rates

Refinancing is the process of obtaining a new mortgage to reduce mortgage payments, lower your loan term, and/or cash out some equity from your home. Lenders look at various factors before refinancing your mortgage.  Rates are now at or near the lowest they have ever been – so it is a great time to refinance. 

Should you get a free credit report?
Credit Repair

Should You Get a Free Credit Report?

If you’re looking to fulfill your dream of buying a home you’ll want to keep an eye on your credit history to make sure there are no errors on your credit report. So, should you take advantage of a free credit report offer? Yes, and no. Generally we don’t recommend that people participate in offers

What is Derogatory Credit?

What is Derogatory Credit?

If you’re setting your sights on achieving your dream of owning a home, you will want to pay close attention to your credit history and credit score. One mark that potential home buyers may find on their credit report is “derogatory credit.”  What is Derogatory Credit? In short, derogatory credit is not good. Not good


5 Things to Think About Before Buying a Second Home

Especially in times like these it’s so good to have a change of scenery. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us all feeling cooped up. As a result, there has been an increase in sales of second homes, also called vacation homes. The opportunity to be able to stay safe in another location greatly appeals to

3 Tips to Improve Your Credit

3 Super Easy Tips to Improve Your Credit

Unsure if you can get a mortgage? Let’s start with 3 super easy tips to improve your credit! You dream of owning your own home. Home ownership is one of the basic tenants of the American Dream. However, you’re unsure if you would qualify for a home mortgage loan. Maybe you made some credit mistakes

Create community by eating locally

Creating Community During COVID-19

As the global pandemic COVID-19 swept the nation, Americans quickly had to adjust to a new way of doing things. From working to socializing to buying groceries, citizens everywhere have been called upon to help “flatten the curve” by staying at home. Now, a couple of months later, we are beginning to see what lessons

Fairway's First Team

Fairway’s First Team – Covid-19 Response

At Fairway’s First Team we understand how uneasy this time is in our nation and our world. The crisis that COVID-19 has presented affects us all. We stand with you. For many, with mortgage rates at a low, now is a great time to refinance your current mortgage in order to secure lower overall payments

Market Conditions

The U.S. May be Witnessing its Biggest Housing Boom Yet

The property market has captured everyone’s imagination in recent times. This is because people connected with it are predicting the return of a housing boom in the U.S. Mortgage rates were reduced drastically in 2019. Additionally, homes have become more affordable, thanks to high-paying jobs and the availability of various other financial benefits. In fact,


Happy Holidays

Through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we wish you ample time with your family and friends, good food and drink, and abundant joy. Season’s greetings to all!

Portland's Real Estate Market
Market Conditions

Are Portland’s Real Estate Market Conditions At Risk?

Are Portland’s Real Estate Market Conditions At Risk? Interest Rates The July market condition numbers for the Portland area indicate that this remains a strong seller’s market. At the same time, mortgage interest rates continue to be very low, making it a great time to buy a house. With it being both a seller’s market