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10 Inexpensive Ways to Increase Home Value

Are you getting ready to sell your home and want to increase its value without the cost of a full-blown remodel? There are many affordable ways to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank. Here are 10 cost-effective ways to increase home value and make your house more appealing to potential buyers. 

1. Painting

increase home value with painting

One of the most practical ways to give your home a facelift is to paint. New paint adds a clean, fresh feel to a room. And while you may love Sea Foam Green on your walls, most prospective buyers won’t. The safest bet is to choose neutral colors to paint your walls.

2. The Kitchen

Kitchen upgradation increases house value

There are many upgrades you can do to your kitchen. From a complete overhaul to changing out appliances. However, there are simpler, less expensive ways to upgrade your kitchen that also add value. One of the easiest ways to jazz up the appearance of your kitchen is to overhaul your cabinets. By painting, changing out (or adding) doorknobs, or resurfacing your cabinets, you can give a completely new look to your kitchen.

3. Landscaping

Beautiful gardening

It’s time to get out the garden gloves. If you want to increase the value of your home, consider its curb appeal. Make sure your lawn is watered and freshly cut. Re-stain fencing. Clear flower beds and other areas of weeds. A house that looks taken care of on the outside is more likely to attract potential buyers to look inside.

4. Bathrooms

Make your bathroom beautiful

For such a small room, a bathroom can sure add value to your home. You can spruce up your bathroom with simple, yet effective changes such as replacing the toilet seat, changing out old lighting fixtures, or adding a new rug or shower curtain.

5. Storage

organised book shelf

Having space to store things is a big plus for any potential buyer. Especially if your house is older and storage space is limited, by making the most of your closet space and creating additional storage space, you’ll attract buyers seeing solutions for where to put their stuff. Installing inexpensive organization systems to your closets and adding shelving to rooms such as your laundry room will provide the storage solutions potential buyers are seeking.

6. Light Switches

Repair light switches

A very straightforward and effective way to make a room look classy is to replace your light switches and electrical outlet covers. Additionally, consider replacing your light switches with dimmers to allow potential buyers to modify the lighting to their liking.

7. Clean Your Carpets

Clean your carpet

When potential buyers come into your home the last thing they want to see is dirty, grimy carpet. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service indicates to buyers that the house has been well maintained. If your carpet is showing years of wear and tear, add a new area rug to draw the eye away from any problem areas.

8. Deep Clean

Deep clean dashboards and shelves

Speaking of getting rid of dirt and grime, if you put a fresh shine on your home, you are giving off the impression that the home has been taken care of, inside and out. You can either hire a professional cleaning company or get out the cleaning materials and get to scrubbing on your own. Washing baseboards, decluttering junk, and making your appliances sparkle all are subtle, yet powerful ways to give a good impression to potential buyers.

9. Power Washing

Clean exteriors

Don’t just make the inside of your house shine with cleanliness, consider the outside as well. By power washing your home’s exterior siding, sidewalks, driveways, and decks you’ll increase your overall curb appeal.

10. Add Mirrors

wall mirrors and decoratives

Most buyers want their home to feel bright and airy. Adding mirrors is the easiest way to make a room feel more spacious and lighter.


From a couple coats of paint to some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease, you can significantly increase the appeal and value of your home without a lot of funds.


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